Dog Stared Down Driveway & Wouldn’t Budge, Her Owner Saw And Called For Help

As we know, canines have heightened senses. What they can hear and see is quite remarkable but there is this other innate sense some dogs have that make a story like this one extra special. Rob Jerry and his dog Sadie came outside early one morning. They have a specific routine both of them enjoy.

But as Sadie made her way down the driveway, she abruptly stopped. Then refused to move.Rob stared back at Sadie, wondering what was going on. Her ears and body indicated something was wrong. Rob then heard something in the distance. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, but as the sounds grew louder, Rob realized that it was someone in distress.

In fact, when Rob went to investigate the noise Sadie was alerting to, he found that his elderly neighbor had fallen. Rob’s neighbor was just lying there. He went to check his mailbox and slipped. The neighbor had badly broken his hip. In such frigid temperatures and being on his own, there was no way he would have survived long.

Sadie, the Great Dane, is no ordinary dog. She saved a man’s life by telling her human, in her own special way, that someone needed her help. Because Rob was able to get to his neighbor on time, he was rushed to the hospital where he made a full recovery. We are so grateful for dogs for so many reasons. Sadie, you’re a true hero!

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