Dog Steps Off Plane to Greet Her Humans Again after Being Lost for 2-Years

Victoria and Gregory Hadler had been having their beloved dog Jodie ever since they returned home after serving in the military. Jodie wasn’t just a service dog, but a family member whom they loved so very much.

After Victoria gave birth, she and Gregory decided to leave Jodie with a family member for a short period of time until they got adjusted to the life with the baby.

However, what they didn’t know was that their decision would lead to losing their dog. Apparently, the person they trusted Jodie to sold her to someone.

When they went to take Jodie home, they learned she wasn’t there, as their relative told them the dog went missing.

They were devastated and looked for her everywhere, but no one had any information of where Jodie could be.

And just when they lost hope of ever seeing her again, someone called them and told them a microchiped dog with their information was found by someone and taken to a Tennessee shelter.

The Hudlers were over the moon. They couldn’t believe they would see Jodie again after two years.

In no time, Wings of Rescue organized transport for Jodie to get to New Jersey and reunite with her owners. This organization has helped a number of dogs from overcrowded shelters and distressed areas get to their new families.

Jodie was finally in the arms of her humans who couldn’t wait to see her and give her a bunch of hugs.

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