Dog Tells Cop To Follow Him Home And Calls 911 When He Sees Balcony

Dogs are incredible animals who sometimes seem to sense things that we humans can’t. That combined with the fact that they form such strong bonds with their humans has led to dogs doing some amazing things. Sometimes, these stories make the news, and it’s always heartwarming to hear what a dog can do.

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What he did was nothing short of amazing. When Police Officer Jeff Gonzalez happened to notice a black lab running up and down a neighborhood street, he thought he was dealing with a lost dog. He had no idea that the dog as upset because he was trying to get help.

He assumed the dog was friendly and tried to interact with it. He pulled his car up close to the dog, and it started jumping around.
Then, the dog darted up the street as fast as it could.

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Gonzalez was curious and decided to follow the dog. He chased after it, and it brought him to a house. On the front porch of the house, Gonzalez spotted a woman lying on a chair with her pajamas on. He thought this was strange, and he approached her.

An ambulance arrived to treat the woman. Her name is Krystal, and the black lab is her dog, John Boy.
When he noticed that something was wrong with Krystal, he set out to find help. He might not have known that Gonzalez was a police officer, but he did know that he was willing to follow.

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The ambulance took Krystal to the hospital, where she stayed for a short time before going back home to John Boy. John Boy had never been trained to seek help, but he knew to do it. He could tell that Krystal was not well, and he was willing to do whatever he could to save his owner.

Krystal has a heart condition and was surprised and grateful that her dog brought help.

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Had John Boy not found Officer Gonzalez, she would have likely passed away on the porch that day.
She is also glad that the officer took the time to follow the dog and get her help. Her family was also happy to have her.

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Krystal’s daughters got to meet Officer Gonzalez and hear the story in person. They agree that John Boy is an amazing dog and are certain that he saved their mother’s life.

Before going home with Krystal, John Boy was adopted and returned to the shelter three times. Krystal loves John Boy, and it seems like him being with her was meant to be! Hopefully, he gets an extra treat for being such a good boy.

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