Dog Thrown From A Moving Car And Abandoned Reunites With Original Owner

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” – AD Williams

The sad reality of animal abuse is that it happens all the time.
Not until someone reports it, no one would know if an animal is being abused. It is a heart-wrenching reality that needs more awareness.

Good thing there are shelters and rescue facilities that aim to make a difference by helping all the animals that they could.

The Brown County Humane Society Dog Shelter in Georgetown, OH, has been dedicated to helping dogs in need. With their help, many dogs have been rescued and have found their forever homes.

Soon after, the shelter was able to locate the poor dog, and they immediately took her in. After cleaning and feeding her, BCHS updated their Facebook page.

“Do you know me?” read the said post that went viral, which included a photo of a very sad dog.

According to the post, the poor dog was thrown from a moving car.

Reunited with owner!Do you know me?Found at the old bridge, Ferry St. in Aberdeen. This dog was thrown from a moving…

If that’s not heartbreaking enough, the clueless and confused dog tried to run after the car, doing her best to catch up with the people who abused her.

No wonder the poor dog’s eyes were so sad.
There is absolutely no valid reason for anyone to do this to a dog or any other animal!

The post went viral, and one of the people who saw the post was non-other than Brian Mckibben, the dog’s real owner, who raised her since she was a puppy.

It turns out this puppy had gone missing from her home a year ago, and now, Brian finally found her.
“If you don’t believe in miracles. Maybe you should,” the shelter posted the happy news on May 29. “Savey was the dog that was pushed out from a moving car Thursday night in Aberdeen. After she barrel rolled on the street she picked herself up and desperately tried to catch up with the car.”

He wasted no time and immediately went to the shelter to claim his dog, wishing that she would still recognize her, and she did!

Her sad eyes were instantly filled with happiness and love!
“Savey recognized him as soon as we got to the hallway of the lobby and immediately started pulling and jumping for him. Our sad depressed girl quickly became happy wiggly and overjoyed to see her person,” the post continued.

Just look at beautiful Savey; she looks so proud and happy to be with her favorite person again.

If you don’t believe in miracles. Maybe you should…..Savey was the dog that was pushed out from a moving car Thursday…

Who would have thought that this very sad story would have a happy ending?
Savey’s first photo was full of sadness. She was confused, sad, and she didn’t understand why she was thrown away like that.

Just after two days, her photo shows her being happy. Her eyes were full of hope because she knows that her owner is here that she has been reunited with him.

Even though Savey is home and happy, we still want to know what happens to the people who abused her, right?

According to Fox News, the shelter’s Humane Agents are actively investigating the case.
We do hope that the people responsible for Savey’s case would be punished accordingly.

As for this beautiful pup, we are so happy that Savey has finally reunited with Brian, and we do hope that all of her bad memories would be gone soon.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, and who knows, we might help them find the people who did this to Savey.

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