Dog Tied To A Short Chain Made To Stand On Back Legs All Day In The Horrid Heat

Our furry friends enrich our everyday life and offer unconditional love, so all of us who have felt their love and enjoy their company will take up arms if they see them being mistreated, writes healthyfoodhouse

However, one of the biggest victims of animal cruelty are the strays who have no one to care for them, and they are being abused without being lucky enough to be saved on time.

Animal lovers were completely enraged and horrified after pictures of a poor little dog from Teloloapan, Mexico depicting his brutal confinement and torture under the scorching sun went viral.

Yet, the brutality horrified concerned strangers who passed by the tortured dog, and one of them approached the dog’s owners directly and started begging them to surrender the poor animal.

Yet, they chased him away. He did manage to take photos of the poor sight and spread the news.

Numerous people were worried that the poor puppy might strangle himself as a result of the huge pain it suffers, and the terrifying pictures left them frustrated and restless.

Moreover, animals with heavy layers of fur face a lot more difficulties to adapt to heat than people.

Unfortunately, this case is not the only time when animals, and especially dogs, are tortured on a daily basis, and crimes against animals are rampant all over the world.

Dogs are our best friends, and they trust us with their lives, so we should at least respect them and treat them kindly. Such stories remind us that we need to stand up for our friends, and stop ignoring the violence upon these innocent creatures.

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