Dog Waits For ‘His Kids’ To Get On The Bus Safely Everyday Before Leaving

In possibly what is the most heart-warming clip to exist, a giant mastiff dog named Gordon sits every day at the end of his driveway in order to wait for his two girls to get picked up by their school bus.It’s the purest video clip that you’ll ever watch, proving once again that there is nothing in this world that matches the love and loyalty of dogs. These animals form unbreakable bonds with people, and really invest themselves in them.

As you’ll watch in the video, the sandy-colored mastiff doesn’t turn back around towards his house until once the children are safely on the bus.The video was shared by the Twitter account Humor and Animals.Not long after the clip, there picture released from Gordon’s owner, Becky Lynn, showing a proud Gordon who was standing in the snow beside his girls, waiting for them to get picked up for school by the bus.


Isn’t that just precious? We really don’t deserve the kindness of dogs.

No doubt, these two little girls are incredibly lucky to have the wonderful Gordon as their protector and best friend for years to come.

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