Dog Who Died Protecting A Little Girl Now Watches Over All Kids In The Park

This is a monument to commemorate an endure little pet named Leo.

Leo passed away while conserving a 10-year-old lady that was being struck by a much larger pet dog. Leo observed the little lady being pinned to the ground by the canine who started attacking her.

Leo quickly ran to the rescue as well as started attacking the larger pet dog on the leg who switched on Leo as well as allow the little lady go free.

” I shouted as well as Leo rushed out barked and ran around, biting him on the leg,” said Nikolina Vucetic, the girl Leo safeguarded.

” When the pet dog let go of me, he took a look around and then stormed at Leo.

” Unfortunately, Leo didn’t make it. Regardless of initiatives by veterinarians, his injuries were also severe as well as Leo died two days later on.

The sculpture lies in a park so he can watch over all the kids playing.

The quote on the statue:


“To all small heroes with big hearts”, which is a real testament to the courage of little Leo.

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