Dog Who Watched Her Family Adopt Another Pet At Shelter Gets New Home

People can be so cruel and abandon their pets for the most ridiculous reasons, like the family on today’s story that decided to surrender their pooch to a shelter after she had gotten depressed after their other dog died and they wanted a happier pet.

This is not even the most heartbreaking part because that happened when Zuzu lit up after she spotted her owners at the very same shelter only to be passed on by. The encounter video was filmed by a volunteer.

In the footage we see the canine outside with shelter volunteers then she notices her family. S

Poor thing jumped up and ran excitedly to the fence and the exchange was filmed by volunteers who then shared it to Facebook.

The footage went viral and broke the hearts of dog lovers from all over the world.

But after the storm there is always sun so sweet Zuzu won’t have a reason to shed tears anymore, since the two-year-old German Shepherd mix found a home.

Diana Edwards, who volunteers with the Pet Adoption Fund, told Inside Edition: “we had so many inquiries about her.”

Russ and Judith Gall had a dog who just lost his companion and they were looking for another dog.

After seeing Zuzu’s viral video, they knew they were meant to have her.

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