Dogs Rescued From Suspected Dogfighting Ring

Dogfighting is a horrific business, but unfortunately, there are some despicable people in this world who run these secret rings.It is truly heartbreaking to see these animals suffering at the hands of these awful people, Thankfully, there are organizations working to end such horrible practices, like the Humane Society of the United States.

In Gaston County, North Carolina, the Animal Rescue and Response team from the HSUS was called into a property that was supposedly running a dogfighting ring.

When the team arrived, it was clear to them that something awful was going on as the dogs living on the property were riddled with scars and injuries, all signs that they’d been used for fighting.

They were all kept outdoors, chained down by heavy metal collars.

However, despite all the horrific experiences, these dogs were still so sweet, and they showed their rescuers excitement and gratitude when they arrived. It was quite touching to watch them.

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