Dog’s Thrilled To See Owners Back At Shelter Until She Sees They’re Adopting A Different Dog

Abandonment isn’t something that feels good, no matter who you are. While humans are often who we think of when imagining emotions, we aren’t the only species to feel pain. In fact, millions of animals each year face abandonment and the associated emotions that come with it – namely, dogs.

Zuzu is one of those dogs that has been abandoned.Zuzu is a German Shepherd who went through some extremely traumatic and painful events for a dog her age. When all this happened, she was only 2-years-old. Zuzu had been living with a family, along with her doggy father. Unfortunately, her dad got sick one day and passed away soon after.

Having been around to see her real-life dad pass away, Zuzu got depressed.Understandably, watching your dad pass away isn’t an easy thing. After the hard event, she started acting depressed and unhappy. One time she jumped over the fence into her neighbor’s yard and they ended up calling animal control to come and get her.

Animal control brought her to the Downey Animal Care Center, located in California.“She is a friendly girl but I sensed sadness and confusion, most dogs zoom around the yard. She treaded softly, nervous to look around.” – Desi Lara

It was a tough time for the lonely pup and she didn’t feel comfortable in her surroundings at all. It wasn’t until one strange weekend that the shelter workers even found out what happened.

During an adoption weekend at the shelter, Zuzu radically changed.
It was a shock to the workers who knew how shy she was. As she ran around the enclosure, things started to make sense. Zuzu was saying hi to her family who had come into the shelter!

In Zuzu’s mind, her family had come to save her.

The family, however, had other plans. They didn’t like how “sad” Zuzu was and weren’t interested in keeping her around, despite her sadness being attributed to her dad dying. For the second time, Zuzu was about to be abandoned.

The rescue organization knew that they wanted to do something special for the sweet girl.

Their goal? To find her an “exceptional” home that she could flourish and be loved in. It’s unfortunate how non-understanding her old family was when it came to helping her. Imagine being MAD at someone who recently lost their dad! It’s truly heartless.

Nowadays, years later, Zuzu has her own family!Zuzu was able to find a new family and even cooler, the shelter rejected the other family from getting a new dog! You don’t get to treat animals like objects and keep “getting new ones”. Hopefully they learned a lesson and will think more before they ever try again.

That “sad” dog just needed some time to recover after trauma, just like any human would. It just goes to show how resilient dogs can be, too. No matter the circumstances, all dogs should be given a chance to live a happy and healthy life with someone who cares.



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