Eighty Pound Dachshund Rescued From Terrible Home — Receives Unreal Transformation

Obie was a 77-pound dachshund and obese to the point of not being able to move on his own. After being taken in by Nora Vanetta, they both embarked on a weight-losing quest. After a year of daily walks and dieting, Obie, currently 14 years old, lost nearly 50 pounds and is now healthy and happy.

One dog that almost everyone can identify is the dachshund, also more famously known as the wiener dog. This adorable, phone-loving dog is one of the very few dog breeds that are identifiable upon first glance, but not always.

If you have an image in your mind of what a dachshund looks like, you will most likely think of a narrow-bodied dog, with floppy ears, and a sharp snout.

Of course, this is the usual depiction of what this breed is supposed to look like, however, one dog, Obie looks drastically different.

At this heaviest, Obie was a playful, 77-pound winner dog that would not be recognizable as a dachshund. While this was not a problem itself, the issue was that Obie did not look like a dog in any way. In fact, a first glance might have made you think he was a baby seal or walrus pup.

What could possibly cause this drastic difference in Obie’s physical appearance? Unfortunately, Obie suffered from a severe case of obesity, negatively impacting his movement, coordination, and health. Due to his weight, he couldn’t move freely by himself and his previous owners found carrying him to be a chore. Carrying him outside to play was very tiresome.

Obie’s weight caused him to live a calmer life than usual, with a lack of play and exercise. This definitely was not the optimal life for a breed as playful as the dachshund. His situation getting worse by the day until he was soon rescued by Nora Vanetta.

By this time, however, Obie’s feet had been off the ground for over 8 months. Nora was Obie’s hero after several months of misery and sorrow. After a year in her company, Obie underwent a complete transformation and it is incredible to see what he looks like now.

In his journey to lose weight, Obie faced numerous struggles. During his first week in Nora’s home, Obie took time to adjust to the new atmosphere, keeping mostly to himself in a room.

This room was placed next to easy access to the outdoors for Nora’s convenience. She already had other dogs and this motivated Obie.

He found it difficult to keep up with his fun-loving, new friends, and yearned to be able to run around freely with them. Nora began her quest to help Obie by taking him on daily hikes in the woods. At first, they were not more than lazy walks, but as Obie got used to the daily activity, they began to take it more seriously.

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