Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Cat Who’d Been Missing For Four Years

When a powerful earthquake struck central Italy four years ago, an elderly woman, Dora, lost everything in the disaster. Not only did she lose her home and property, but she also lost her beloved cat. Amid the chaos and confusion of the disaster, the frightened cat fled and didn’t come back.

Dora thought that she lost her cat forever and would never see her little buddy again.

This is the most devastating loss for Dota because the cat is her family member, who’d comforted her with cuddles and unconditional love over the years.

And then one day, four years after the cat went missing, he suddenly came home. Dota was stunned to be reunited with her beloved pet cat. The pair gently touch foreheads, then the cat starts cuddling his beloved human. They are clearly overjoyed to finally be back together again after four years apart.

“Our dear Dora has never stopped looking for him,” a friend wrote on Facebook of their heartfelt reunion. “Who knows where he had have been for so long.”

Fortunately, Dora’s cat appeared to be relatively well-fed and healthy despite being gone for such a long time. Nobody knows where he’s been for the last four years, but it’s clear that he had been eating well during his travels.

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