Euth.anasia’s one-time listing helped her mom raise 200 rescued puppies.

Kilo is a companion dog with a difficult start to life; He was starved to death in a poor backyard, where he was used to raise droppings after droppings, until finally he was left in a hunting reserve in his golden state. There she met volunteer Candice Miller. She had three dogs of her own at the time and really didn’t want any more.

However, something in Kilo made her. confident enough to interest potential users. And so, after 2 months he was included in the list of suicides with assistance. On his last day, Miller contacted the orphanage and discovered that Keilo had been placed in a pre-trial detention center.

“The rest is pure profit,” says Miller. “Kilo came into my life at such a moment that I asked him about one of the factors …

We both went through some negative moments, but together we are definitely happy as well as happy. Healthy and, as Miller soon discovered, Keilo was a truly loving person.

Shortly after his arrival, Miller adopted the three-day-old Dime, an orphan puppy in need of constant care.

At first, Cent repeatedly discarded his bottle until Miller tried to put it in Keilo’s stubborn position. The stomach helped warm up the mixture enough to give Cent the impression that he was breastfeeding.

That is what Kilo calls himself. To this day, Kilo and even Penny are the closest and inseparable friends – they help Miller feed about 200 puppies!

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