Family Says Hi To Grumpy Pug That Just Woke Up From A Nap

If you’ve ever been sitting in a car in a parking lot waiting for something or someone, you probably know all the different ways to entertain yourself. Some people choose to listen to music, some people text or play on their phones, and others look out the windows and see what interesting things they can witness.

If you happen to be lucky, you may just see a dog out your window, and if you’re really lucky, it’s in the car right next to you! Dogs can be so sweet and they bring so much joy to a day, even if it’s from a distance.

That’s what happened to a girl and her brother in the post office parking lot in Rogue River.

They were sitting in the parking lot in their car when they looked out the window and noticed an adorable little pug in the car next to them.

Naturally, they wanted to get its attention and show it some love, so they started making kisses noises at the adorable little pug and saying hi to it.

After a few seconds of calling for the cute pug’s attention, its friend popped up and it was less than thrilled. It seems they woke the dog from a nap and it was not happy about it!


The grumpy dog took the siblings by surprise and they didn’t know whether to laugh or scream at its mean demeanor and grumpy face.


They explained to ViralHog in the video below, “My brother and I went to the post office and rolled down our window to a surprise pug, after making kissing noises to it we woke up his grumpy friend.”

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