Family Tries To Get Giant Alaskan Malamute Into Bathtub

If there’s one thing that dogs hate more than going to the vet, it’s going into the tub.
Bath time has always been back-breaking work for dog owners, and shampooing is not even the most difficult part. People have thought of skipping this routine all together but one whiff of their fur and you’ll be treated to the stuffy scent of canine funk.

At this point, you’d whip the shampoo out together with various tips and tricks to convince your dog it’s time for a bath.
The Matthews aren’t strangers to this kind of conundrum, most especially when it comes to their Great Alaskan Malamute named Phil.

Instead of jumping into the tub for a quick bubble and rinse, Phil sits on the corner and whimpers like his dog rights were being trampled on.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

At first, his dad gently coaxes and herds him into the tub but he always finds a way to detour to another corner of the bathroom. When he got up, he went directly straight under the sink. When he was pushed, he went back to the opposite corner.

His dad thinks that enough is enough. It’s time to bring out the big guns – or in this case, the half-empty jar of peanut butter. The stubborn giant fluff of fur, however, remained strong against temptation.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

He knew he was going to be tricked into bath time so he fought the treat temptation firmly for three seconds.
When he sneaked in a lick, his dad quickly pulled the jar away and instead dabbed the tub walls with tiny dollops of peanut butter. Meanwhile, Phil’s resolve was caught crumbling when he began licking the wall in front of him.

Eventually, he moved out of his spot.
But instead of jumping in, he sunk to the floor and moped, much to his dad’s frustration. He squeezes his snout between his dad’s leg and the cabinet, hoping that no one can find him in his new hiding spot.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Meanwhile, his mom got another trick up their sleeves. She whipped out a treat and bribed Phil with it. His mental resilience is stronger now after the peanut butter trick, though, so he just walks past the delectable snack and lies down under the sink.

Finally, his dad thinks it’s enough. He grabs Phil and drags him towards the tub.

His wife then placed the treat on the other side of the tub to encourage him to step in. With small steps and unfailing determination for bath time, Phil was finally coaxed into stepping into the water.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Life with Malamutes

When he realized he has been duped, he just took whatever he can, starting from the splats of peanut butter on the wall.

If he’s going to go down, he’s going to take his well-deserved treats with him.
In Phil’s defense, the big ball of fluff was well-behaved when the shampooing started.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Life with Malamutes

He sat quietly as his dad turned him into a fragrant giant ball of fur. It may have been a long way to get there, but Phil is now clean and snuggly.

In fact, the actual bath time went without a hitch that his dad forgot one important thing – let’s just say there’s a reason why you shouldn’t keep the door open when a dog finishes his bath.

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