Firefighters Race to Rescue Two Huge Clydesdale Horses from a Frozen Lake

It is not unusual for firefighters to rescue animals who have fallen through an icy lake into the freezing waters below. However, in February 2019, firefighters made a rescue much larger than normal near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Two Clydesdale horses, Gunther and Wilhelm, got loose from their home at Quiet Valley Farms and wandered over to a nearby lake.

Unfortunately, the two huge horses unknowingly walked onto the ice and fell into the frigid water.

The local fire department was promptly called out to save the horses. However, the rescue operation was quickly determined to be tricky, as there was no easy way to retrieve the horses from the icy lake.

“There was no way we were gonna pick them up, put them on the ice, and slide them out on a boat,” Leon Clapper, the chief of Blue Ridge Hook & Ladder Fire Company, told WNEP.Fortunately, after some hard work and quick thinking, the fire rescue team came up with a solution to rescue the Clydesdales.

Using chainsaws, the crew was able to create a trench in the ice that they were able to use to walk the horses to safety.

Two Clydesdale horses being rescued and cut free from ice

Veterinarians were waiting on land to dry off and check the Clydesdales as soon as they got out of the water. Neighbors on the scene reported that the horses were shaking from the cold after the stressful ordeal.

“He was just shaking and shaking and shaking, and his legs were just frozen, so they were bending his legs, moving his legs,” said Arlene Reading who saw the rescue unfold.

Thankfully, the horses were able to make it safely back to the farm where they were able to make a full recovery. They were given proper veterinarian treatments to ensure they were back to normal in no time.

Due to their strong nature, they had an advantage in their recovery and had good appetites, which is always important in horses. However, the farm staff is now careful to make sure they don’t go on any more adventures on their own.

“They are grounded for the foreseeable future: no after-hours romps, girlfriends, cell phones, etc,” joked a member of the farm staff.

The firefighters definitely went above and beyond to ensure the safe rescues of these two beautiful horses.

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