Fluffy Samoyed Tries To Wake Up Dad As Gently As Possible

Dogs like to be on a schedule – and if you don’t adhere to that schedule you can expect to be informed.

They’ll let you know when it’s time for dinner, time to play, and when it’s time to get up out of bed to participate in their day of playing and eating.

And while most dogs will jump on the most inconvenient parts of your body to startle you awake, Lexi the Samoyed has a different approach.

According to the caption on her family’s video, Lexi wants to go for a walk. And she’s not too pleased that dad isn’t even awake yet. Clearly, the answer is to wake him up, but she wants to be gentle about it.

Sitting next to him and staring isn’t working, so she decides to switch to another tactic – this one a bit more…involved.

Normally, it’s a blissful feeling to wake up to see someone staring down at you lovingly like you are their whole world. But we’re not sure Tom Brown felt that way about it.

Samoyed’s are known for their fluffy, cloud-like appearance, and Lexi certainly demonstrates her gentle nature as she notices her favorite human is still asleep.

As he begins to stir but not fully awaken, she proceeds to shower him with encouraging kisses.

Finally, in the grand finale, Lexi places her paw directly on dad’s face. Try ignoring that!

When subtlety doesn’t work, sometimes you have to take more direct measures.

“This owner doesn’t need an alarm clock to get up in the morning. His dog will get him up,” joked a viewer.

The short video is sweet and soft like Lexi, and a stark contrast to other viral videos of pets waking up their beloved humans.

Source: YouTube – Tom Brown

You can truly see Lexi’s love for Tom in the way she gently wakes him. After all, even though she really wants her morning walk, her dad being well-rested and not jolted awake seems to come first.

If you have a cat, you’re probably a little jealous of this gentle awakening.

“My cat does the same thing…. but with claws….. in my face…..” confirmed a viewer.

Source: YouTube – Tom Brown

All dogs aren’t this gentle though.
“Wow, she’s so gentle! My dog just repeatedly jabs his nose into my face until I wake up.”

All in all, it’s an adorable reminder that dogs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and personalities.

Lexi’s video has been seen over 24 million times – and that was enough to warrant her own Facebook page as well. It’s full of photos of the cloud-like fluffy pup being generally adorable, so no wonder she has over 22k followers!

This 10-year-old dog is looking good these days too.

We just wonder if she’s still using the same gentle tactic to wake up dad or if he got the hint that there’s no sleeping in when Lexi’s around.

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