Fox Cub Is Helplessly Trapped In Soccer Net And Calls Out For A Savior

As a kid, you were probably told by your parents not to litter. It’s good advice that’s typically easy to follow, helps the environment, and keeps your community beautiful.

There’s also another big reason not to litter, though: it can be very harmful for wildlife in ways you might not even realize.

If you don’t believe us, this story should illustrate what we’re talking about.

In a video from the Wildlife Aid Foundation, volunteers and rescue workers found a small baby fox who had been caught up in a discarded football net.
The poor cub lives in the U.K., and he seems to have been wandering when he got entangled in the net.

The video shows that the little cub was just sitting and waiting for someone to arrive because it was so entangled in the netting. Fortunately, people happened to be on-scene to help the little guy out.

Although the cub panics initially, he calms down enough for the rescuers to help him.

Working carefully with a box cutter, the men gradually cut away the strings that are keeping the fox cub immobilized. Carefully taking the cub by the scruff of his neck, the rescuer pulls the fox loose. Still, there remain little strands of netting wrapped around him which also need to be taken off.

Once it’s all finally done, the workers give the fox a little rub and settle his feet into the ground below him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After it’s all done, the scared little fox can finally bolt away to safety. As this clip shows, we need to be especially considerate when we’re considering the environment around us.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Though we might already be aware of things like soda rings being dangerous for marine creatures, this story shows that even things we don’t usually think of can be seriously dangerous to helpless little animals.

Luckily for the fox in this video, help was on the scene.
“This poor fox cub was almost strangled in a football net. He struggled a lot and ended up with the net tightly wrapped all around his body. All of this could have been avoided by, simply, rolling up the net or putting it away,” Wildlife Foundation wrote in the caption of their video.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Rescue organizations like Wildlife Aid Foundation do an incredible job helping animals. We can make their job easier by simply throwing out our trash, big or small.

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