German Shepherd Cares For Orphaned Fawns

We’ve brought you stories of Sarge before.The big-hearted and gentle German Shepherd was known for bringing so much comfort and care to orphaned fawns rescued by his owner.Because of his sweet nature and patient disposition, Sarge was able to help his owner care for countless injured and orphaned fawns throughout the years.

It was like he was called to be a foster dad to these little animals, and every time that Sarge took on a new fawn, he would treat it exactly like his own puppy.His owner noted that he would always hover over his young charges – especially the ones that were injured. Unfortunately, not every fawn could be saved, and if a fawn passed away from its injuries, Sarge would always take it personally. He grieved every loss.

But still, he helped to save and raise many more fawns than he lost. For that, his owner will always be grateful to the sweet pup.Sadly, Sarge passed away because of a heart tumor, leaving his owner heartbroken. She described him as being “a blessing to the world,” and we could not agree more.


It is so heartwarming to watch just how loving and kind the beloved pooch was with his foster babies.


it will probably make you want to reach for a tissue at some point.

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