Golden Retriever Adopts Orphaned Lamb As Her Own Curly Puppy

If you’re wondering which dog breed is one of the friendliest, then you can never go wrong with a Golden Retriever. Their friendliness knows no bounds, and you could always count on them to be your most loyal friends. Furthermore, because of their social capabilities, it’s easy for them to make friends with other animals, sometimes even treat them more than that.

Just like when this Golden retriever takes an abandoned lamb as family.

Bennedict Curlypatch, or Benny the lamb for short, was met with a fate of abandonment just after when he was born. Benny was born along with his two siblings, but since sheep usually only has one or two offspring every year, unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut.

It’s rare for sheep to give birth to three lambs at the same time, and because he’s smaller and weaker than the two, his own mother decided to disown him to take care of the larger and healthier siblings.

His life turned around when he met his new mom.

It should be nature’s fault why Benny had to suffer this fate, but his life suddenly turned for the better when he met three Golden retrievers namely, Lily, Boris, and Darcy.

Lily was the mom of the group, and when she saw this helpless lamb, she didn’t hesitate to provide him with warmth and comfort. Despite the two of them being different species, Lily took Benny and treated him as her own child.

Family doesn’t have to be blood.

This Golden retriever shows us that a family can be formed even if it’s not by blood. She looks after Benny wholeheartedly, and even Boris and Darcy had done the same. Lily’s owners have shared beautiful moments of Lily and Benny on the internet, sometimes with the other two doggos.

It’s no surprise that the world instantly fell in love with this unusual family.
“Lily still loves cleaning Benny, wrestling with him and she always watches over him,” wrote Lily’s family on one TikTok video. “If someone’s too rough near him or mama sheep comes over to push him away, Lily will get in the way.”

As little Benny’s growing happy and healthy with his new canine family, it’s expected that he could learn a habit or two from his adoptive parents. He wags, scratches, and even runs like a dog now.

Although it can’t be helped, after all, all he knows is that he’s a dog because his mom is one. He’s an adorable wooly retriever now.

“When he’s a little older, he’s going to join us on dog walks with his doggo flock. Our neighbors are going to think we’re completely nuts but I really don’t care,” Benny’s owner said.

This is the best thing that happened to this little lamb.

Although he was given quite a rough start in life, it’s quite satisfying that it turned out better for him eventually. It’s nice that he’s surrounded by kind people, most especially with the most amazing yet still unusual parent for him.

Benny and Lily’s humans are regularly giving updates about them on TikTok and Instagram, so once you see this video, make sure to check out the others from their social media pages.


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