Golden Retriever Chases Owner Inside An Ambulance To The Hospital

Anybody who has a dog in their life realizes just how much the relationship means.This is sometimes demonstrated in ways we may never have thought possible, including what happened recently when a Turkish woman had to go to the hospital.

When the woman got sick and had to get picked up by an ambulance on Buyukada Island in Istanbul, her loyal golden retriever refused to say goodbye.In fact, first responders said that the dog was looking on closely as she was being cared for at home, but when they decided to give her a ride to the hospital,

the dog wasn’t far behind.Even though the dog tried his best to get into the ambulance with his owner, the paramedics could not take him along.After shutting the doors, they thought that the dog would simply wait for his owner to return, but he had other plans.

He ran after the ambulance as it drove through town and made it all the way to the hospital.

Eventually, he even waited at the medical center until he was able to be with his owner again.

There is nothing quite like the loyalty of a dog and when we see it in action, we realize why we love them so much.

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