Golden Retriever Gets A New Best Friend And Melt 21M Hearts

Dogs may be famously known as ‘man’s best friend,’ but really, they should be called ‘everyone’s best friend.’ Dogs easily get along with all different kinds of creatures, big and small. This includes members of their own species. If all goes well, they could form an unbreakable bond with another dog.When the dog is first introduced to his bestie-to-be, he seems unsure what to do about it.

This golden retriever clearly doesn’t know what to make of this tiny black handful of fur presented to him.To be fair, the ball of fur itself doesn’t seem to know what to make of the whole “life” thing. That’s fair enough by the looks of it he’s pretty new to life overall.A cautious sniff reveals that yes, in fact this is a tiny baby dog.

Great work Detective Retriever, you cracked the case. Now for the matter of what to do with it…. Obviously, play with it! Before the little tike can even leave his box (or open its eyes!), Goldie is trying to play a game of take-the-shoe.Needless to say, our little pup is taking it literally in baby steps. Perhaps the games will have to wait.Before long, the pupper is on its own four feet and eating! Or, drinking, as it were.

Not quite such a tiny bean anymore, he’s tucking into a wee dish of milk with admirable gusto.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Of course, he has his giant mate right beside him to keep him company at the milk bar.

And before you know it, they’re playing together! It’s remarkable how fast puppies grow up. And as we can see, Golden Retriever doesn’t need a shoe to have fun. Puppy is so full of energy running back and forth and toying with the retriever.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Even when it’s time for Goldie to chill, our little puppy pal runs circles around him, literally! One thing that anyone who’s ever spent time around puppies will know is that they require a LOT of attention, but all you have to do is wait for them to burn out.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

And when the time does come to rest, they even do that together. How adorable are these two, snuggling together?

They have completely gone from strangers to inseparable pals.

The two love doing everything together, from tug-of-war to naps. We’re so glad these two have each other, and it’s clear they’re going to be friends forever.

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