Golden retriever reacts differently to dad and mom coming home in funny video

The best thing about having a dog is how darn excited they are to see you when you come home. Whether you’ve had a terrible day at work, you’ve fallen out with a friend, or something has really got on your nerves, you know you’ll always have your four-legged friend to greet you with enthusiasm at the front door.

But, let’s be honest, dogs still have their favorites. And, being animals of relatively simple minds, their favourite people tend to be those who feed them.

One golden retriever who showed us exactly what doggo favoritism looks like is adorable pup Oshie. As something of a YouTube sensation, Oshie’s has a channel called Oshie’s World, which has more than 170k subscribers and counting.

One particular video posted by Oshie’s human parents, Jesse and Nancy, is called “Golden Retriever Reacts to Dad Coming Home vs. Mom”, and shows Oshie’s reaction to first dad coming home, then mom. Any guesses who Oshie gets most excited for?

Source: Instagrm/ @oshies_world

But Dad already knows that Oshie likes to play it cool when he returns home. He says,

“I know when I get in there, he’s not going to act all that excited.”
Dad gets out of the car and heads inside, calling Oshie’s name. But no excited pup runs out to greet him. Dad ends up walking into the living room, where Oshie is sitting, clearly pretending Dad’s arrival home means nothing to him!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Eventually, Oshie can’t resist coming over to Dad for a good, long fuss. He wags his tail and grins up as Dad ruffles him under the chin. Dad says,

“Did you miss me?”
And while we know Oshie is trying to play cool, we know that he really did.

Dad takes Oshie outside, and the two enjoy a bit of bonding time. The AKC says that the golden retriever is friendly and intelligent amongst other things, and the breed tends to stay playful right into adulthood. Oshie is definitely a stereotypical dog of his kind, and he clearly loves being outside, though he’s more interested in the dog treat Dad has for him!

Source: YouTube screenshot

After lazing around on the grass, rolling over and sniffing out a few interesting spots, it’s time for Oshie to go back inside. Dad informs the viewers that when Mom gets home, Oshie will be much more excited.

By the time Dad rounds the corner to the front drive, Mom is already out of the car, greeting Oshie. The excitable doggo can’t stay still – he’s leaping and bounding all over the place.

Source: YouTube screenshot

After giving him a fuss, Mom puts her bag down on the floor – and clever Oshie takes it in his mouth and carries it inside. He’s clearly had some practice at this one!

All in all, Mom is the definite pet’s favorite in this house. But we’re still pretty certain that Oshie loves his parents equally, even if he likes to play it cool with Dad.

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