Golden Retriever Shares Incredible Bond With Deer For 11 Years And Becomes Family

Golden Retrievers are known for their ability to befriend just about anybody. They are one of the happiest and most outgoing breeds, after all.Deer are gentle creatures that seem curious about other species, but one family was surprised when their Golden Retriever, G-Bro, managed to make friends with a wild deer named Buttons.

Even more unusual was the fact that they made the friendship last over a decade.G-Bro’s family rescued Buttons years ago but never imagined the friendship that would come from it.Buttons was rescued from bad circumstances. G-Bro’s family took her in because a friend had shown them how to raise deer, so they felt comfortable with it and wanted to help while also not domesticating her.

“When we first rescued Buttons, we had a friend that had raised a deer, and somebody called them and said a mama deer was hit by a car. They called us, and we had the knowledge from our friend of how to raise a deer. It took a lot of work, but our whole goal was to let her be wild, but also become a part of the family,” G-Bro’s owner explains.

That’s exactly what happened. Buttons has lived with the family for 11 years and in that time, she has grown especially close with G-Bro.

G-Bro’s owners have land that makes it great for a dog and deer to hang out on.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Cute Dodo

The family has converted 8 miles of their land into hiking trails.
They love to go on walks, and their dog, deer, and cat all go walking with them. That’s a pretty great reason to get all these animals hanging out together, and it’s probably made their friendships even closer.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Cute Dodo

The owners document this all on their Instagram (@brownhikingtrails).

Buttons has made herself quite comfortable at G-Bro’s household.
Through all their years playing together, Buttons knows she always has a friend in G-Bro. G-Bro’s owner explains that when Buttons wants to see her friend, she just walks right up to them. The owner says:

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Cute Dodo

“Buttons will just show up at the door, and that’s when you know she wants to see her buddy. She’ll even paw at the door if you’re not answering in a timely manner.”

After a while Buttons trusted G-Bro enough to introduce him to her babies.

When Buttons had babies, she took them to meet her best friend G-Bro as soon as they were ready.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Cute Dodo

Although dogs sometimes seem too excitable to be around babies, G-Bro knew exactly how to treat the fawns. Every time he sees them, he is extremely gentle and loving with them.

Buttons regularly cleans G-Bro. His owner has so many videos of Buttons licking G-Bro and giving him a nice bath. And it’s good because G-Bro gets pretty dirty rolling around and playing with Buttons’ babies.

That’s right, Buttons lets G-Bro play with her fawns.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Cute Dodo

Additionally, G-Bro returns the favor by bathing Buttons’ babies. Although he is so much bigger and stronger than them, he knows to be gentle and lick their faces softly, and they seem to like it.

Their favorite thing to do together is to go hiking.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Cute Dodo

G-Bro’s owner has caught them going on so many walks through the countryside and the woods. In the winter, they play in the snow, literally just frolicking and jumping around in it.

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