Good boy went to police station to “report missing”

This impudent puppy decided to take a walk in the Odessa Department of Internal Affairs and solve the case for them. The dog wanders the Texas police station and hangs out with the confused but hilarious cops for a while. to solve your missing case.

The police quickly fell in love with their unexpected visitor, but knew they needed to try to find out who he belonged to, but before they could figure out who he was, the dog decided to leave the police station. To the policeman’s dismay, the cubs disappeared, leaving all their questions unanswered.

In confusion, they wrote about their strange experience on Facebook. After the quirky puppy left the police station, he returned home and thus cleverly sorted out the case of the missing dog.

He reassured the police by asking his family to contact the police station and inform him that his name is Chico and that he successfully solved his own disappearance. of course, and we’re sure they didn’t care that they were subdued by such a cute and clever detective.

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