Grandma Breaks Into Happy Tears After Meeting Her New Dog for the First Time

Pooches have a powerful sway over one’s emotions, as Shirley Lann knows.

The 84-year-old grandmother lost her beloved dog of 14 years one month ago, reports The dog’s death was especially hard on her since Lann shared the canine with her late husband.

To Lann’s family it was obvious there was a hole in the woman’s life without a furry friend, so her loved ones decided to help her out.

After searching a local shelter, they found the perfect pup — a Lhasa Apso named Sammy.

The family surprised Lann with the new addition at a medical rehabilitation center, where Lann was staying to recover from some recent health problems.

Her grandson, Matthew McVey, captured the first meeting on camera and posted the video to Twitter.

“My grandma lost her dog that she’s had for the past 14 years about a month ago (she was extremely close with her since it was my late grandfather’s dog too) and hasn’t been the same since she passed. Today my mom surprised her with Sammy,” McVey posted along with the clip.

In the video, Lann breaks into happy tears the moment Sammy steps into the room. Soon the fluffy pup is in her arms and Lann hugs Sammy lovingly to her chest.

McVey told Inside Edition the pair, who became fast friends, will be living together once Lann finish her recovery and moves back home.

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