Grandma Refused A Puppy Because She Was ‘Too Old’ Gets The Best Surprise

Andrea Hijar’s 76-year-old grandma is one of the biggest dog lovers that you are ever going to meet.She has spent a lot of time caring for dogs over the course of her life and she’s raised several of her own.Unfortunately, her advanced age was standing in her way when it came time to choose another dog to let into her home (and her heart). Shelters were refusing to let her adopt a dog, citing that her age was a problem.

Hijar heard about the problem that her grandmother was having and decided that she wanted to help out. According to The Dodo, she spoke with a number of rescue groups in her area of Peru, hoping that one of them would be willing to let her grandparents adopt a dog.Unfortunately, she was rejected again and again.

In an interview with The Dodo, Andrea explained, “In the end, they rejected them because of their age. It made me sad. They are a very loving couple, but were being denied something they were very excited about.”Grandma was saddened at first and she thought that she was never going to be able to own a dog again in her life, but Andrea was not about to accept their setback.

Andrea finally came across a man who had a puppy in need of a new home. Hopeful, Andrea reached out to the man and prayed he would see her grandparents’ age as a benefit, and not a hindrance. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened.


Andrea shared on Twitter, “At last a boy said yes and my father went with my grandfather to Comas to pick up the puppy.”


When they returned with the puppy, Grandma had no idea. Andrea wanted to surprise her and it worked out perfectly.

Her reaction to the puppy is too sweet and it was all caught on camera!


If you would like to see the magical moment when Princesa first met Grandma on video, please be sure to watch! It’s one of the most heartwarming things that you are going to see all day.

The little puppy has since been named Princesa and all three members of the new family are quite happy together and doing well.

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