Great Pyrenees Rescued From The Streets Finds A Forever Home

Being a stray dog comes with a lot of pain and suffering.

For one Great Pyrenees dog, Miles, he’d been living as a stray for nearly a year in a rural part of California.

While on the streets, this poor pup had faced all sorts of issues. Not only had he been attacked by other dogs, but he had also suffered through extremely warm temperatures as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit with no shelter.

According to a video by The Dodo, after seeing a Facebook post about Miles’s predicament, Megan Allen felt bad for the poor pup. She decided to do something about his situation.

She drove out to where the dog had last been seen in order to rescue him. She found him almost immediately but was unable to catch him. Miles was very shy and didn’t want to be leashed.

Despite the setback, Megan refused to give up and go home. Instead, she spent the whole day trying to get him to come with her.

However, at some point, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own and decided to call for help. That is when she got in touch with Danny Spanks from A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue.


Together, the two of them were able to capture Miles. That is when Miles was then transported to a foster home with Mad Love Animal Rescue.


While in their care, he was exposed to plenty of love and care, and he was able to slowly come out of his shell.

Miles was even exposed to other dogs, and he was able to trust again. Eventually, Miles found his forever home.

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