Grieving Man Befriends Hummingbird That Waits Outside His Window To Be Hand Fed

A California man who was grieving the loss of a very close cousin thankfully got a special gift that same day from someone who loves him.
His partner ended up gifting him a hummingbird feeder.
“There’s some spirituality behind hummingbirds coming to visit you,” he told The Dodo. “I thought I’m going to try this.”

According to Crystal Clear Intuition, hummingbirds resonate on a high vibratory level which makes them more closely connected to the spiritual realm.
“Their behaviors are influenced by the spiritual presence of angels, guides, or loved ones that have passed on,” their article reads. “Hummingbirds often appear in your life after a season of big change, and they are a positive omen after a period of turmoil that signifies things are being pieced back together.”
The California man decided that he would see if he could make friends with some hummingbirds.

So, he superglued one of the handheld hummingbird feeders to the top of his seed feeder.
This way the hummingbird could get used to coming to the feeder without the man’s presence scaring him away.As it turns out, the hummingbirds in this guy’s neighborhood are pretty fearless.
“Once I noticed he was coming around, I started walking up to the window and I think he just got used to me,” the man explained. “I got it to the point where he was letting me open the window and sticking my hand out with the other feeder and I would just talk to him.”

The man ended up naming the bird Hector since he loves to drink nectar.

It took about four days, but Hector ended up getting used to his new friend.
Hector was so comfortable that he started eating straight out of the man’s hand.

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