Hairless Stray Puppy Makes An Incredible Transformation

A stray puppy in Bali, Indonesia caught the attention of a stranger who would change her life forever.Deta was outside when she spotted the tiny hairless puppy and immediately recognized the dog needed help.It was clear that the pup had a skin condition that wasn’t going to get better on its own, so Deta decided to do the right thing and help.

The kind woman wasn’t expecting to rescue a dog that day, so she didn’t have the appropriate equipment to catch the dog or transport it. However, she wasn’t going to let that stop her. Deta used the only things she had: A rain poncho and a box.Using the rain poncho, she was able to grab the dog, who she named Beauty, and put her in a box in her trunk.

Unsure what to do, Deta contacted the Bali Animal Welfare Association for help. They were able to get Beauty to a vet where she was diagnosed with scabies.Her condition wasn’t going to heal quickly, but the organization took on the responsibility of seeing her through her treatment and recovery.

After months of care, Beauty’s skin began to heal a little. Slowly, her hair began to grow back and she even made a few dog friends.


One Beauty’s condition was improved enough, she was put up for adoption. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to find her a wonderful home with a man named Antel and his other dog.


After being adopted, her hair continued to grow and her skin just kept improving. Now, it’s hard to tell she’s the same dog!


Bali Animal Welfare Association shared a photo of her full transformation on Instagram and it’s truly incredible.

It’s safe to say that Beauty is living her best life now with her new family.

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