Happiest Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Tail As She Leaves Shelter

When a pit bull puppy named Matilda arrived at Douglas County Animal Shelter, the staff noticed right away that she was always happy.

It was surprising that Matilda was so incredibly happy because the start of her life wasn’t easy. She was about two months old, and she spent the beginning of her life as a stray in Georgia. When the shelter found her, her skin was irritated and she had worms in her stomach.

But even though she wasn’t feeling her best, her tail still didn’t stop wagging.

Santina Sanders, a volunteer at Douglas County Animal Shelter, shared a video of Matilda on her Facebook page that showed the pup’s little tail in action.

“She gave the most sweetest kisses,” Santina Sanders told The Dodo. “She was the cutest thing ever.”

Sanders wasn’t the only who noticed how cute Matilda was—the rescue group Pibbles & More Animal Rescue also fell in love her.

One of the group’s coordinators, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, decided to take the sweet puppy from the shelter and put her in a foster home. Bowles-Chiofalo went to the shelter to pick Matilda up. Matilda couldn’t believe her luck. She was going to her very own home!

The puppy was so excited to leave, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. In fact, her tail didn’t stop wagging at all during the 90-minute car ride!
“The dictionary definition of ‘joy’ is: ‘noun: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness’ This is the picture next to that definition in the dictionary. Matilda. She is pure, pure joy,” Pibbles & More Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Bowles-Chiofalo dropped Matilda off at her foster home. Matilda’s foster mom, Kerrie Rich, fell in love with the puppy immediately.

“She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked,” Rich says.

There was only one thing Matilda didn’t like: collars. Rich tried to put one on Matilda, but the second it was on, Matilda’s tail stopped wagging for the first time ever. Rich guessed that Matilda’s skin was still irritated, and she quickly took the collar off.

She loves napping with her foster siblings, and she also enjoys playing with her toys. She also loves hanging out with her foster mom’s neighbors!

Matilda also sometimes helps her human foster brother with his homework. She may not understand the math problems on the page, but she’s great at providing moral support.

Matilda gets excited about every aspect of life, even small things like taking photos or videos.
Rich tries to take video of Matilda’s hilarious antics, but the pup gets too excited when she sees the camera come out.

“She’s hilarious and I wish I could video everything,” Rich says. “But as soon as I pick up my phone, she runs right at me!”

Matilda is a dog who brings light and joy wherever she goes. This sweet pup has a wonderful future ahead of her!

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