Heartbroken Man Reunites With Service Dog After Thief Took Off With His Car With Dog Inside

We all know that animals are more than pets to their owners. As the years pass, they tend to become proper family members for them.This is even more true when it comes to service animals. This kind of animals not only provide company to their owners, but they also provide comfort and make life easier for them in various ways.

Service animals are the whole world to their owners and these people would totally lose it if their best friends and, in a way, therapists were to disappear.

Aaron Morris, who lives in North Carolina, was unlucky enough to get his service dog stolen a few days ago, while he was at the gas station.

The man had left his dog, Jolene, in his car for just moments, when someone hopped in it and drove away, along with the dog.Morris couldn’t handle it. He immediately posted on social media about the missing dog and asked his online friends to help him track down the thief and the dog.

“People in the North Carolina area keep an eye out and tennessee area my poor little girl and my uncle’s car were stolen…[…] They stole my phone most my belonging and my baby girl!” he wrote.

Hours were going by, and Morris had no news about his dog. He kept posting on Facebook about how sad he was, yet positive he was going to get his dog back.

“My whole […] life…. Ripped from me. I need you Jolene I’m working on finding you. I miss you baby girl. We’re gonna get you back!”

When he realized that this wasn’t going to work, and after, of course, having reported the theft to the police, he decided to go bold and offer money to whoever had Jolene in order to get her back.
“1000$ please just bring her back WINNGRAY is where you can drop her off!!”

More hours passed and Morris even posted offering $500 more to whoever kept Jolene, but it turned out his little girl ended up in better hands than he thought.

That’s when they decided to post on social media in hopes of tracking down the dog’s owner. And- guess what- they soon did!So, five days after she was taken from him, Morris received the news she was at the Humane Society and immediately headed there to get his puppy back.

When he eventually arrived there, he was excited to see Jolene again.As you can see in the video below, a woman opens the door for him, and Jolene walks towards him. He’s enthusiastic to see her again and, when the dog realizes it’s her owner, she can’t control herself.



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