Heroes Rescue Puppy Left To Die In A Field

A little puppy was left in a field to die, but heroes stepped in a saved the day.Volunteers with Diasozo Animal Rescue were informed of a tiny puppy discovered in a semi-remote field.After following a man out to the location, they found the puppy had been dumped incredibly far from the village and left to die.

They shared a video of the situation on YouTube, and in the description, explained, “We were driving and driving and driving to go to that place, it was just unbelievable how far from the village someone decided to go and abandon a small puppy!”

Thankfully, the three-month-old puppy will no longer have to live with his previous owners, and he also won’t have to fend for himself in the wild.

The rescuers gathered up the little puppy and took him in for an evaluation and care.They discovered the poor dog scabies and suffered from dehydration and diarrhea. Despite that, he maintained a “wonderful friendly character.”While the pup has a long road ahead to full recovery and healing, he made a drastic improvement in just a few short days a the hospital.

Soon, he’ll be strong enough to find his forever home!


The rescue said, “We can’t find out who did this to this sweet puppy but thank God that this kind man noticed it there and brought us to help.” It’s hard to think about what might’ve happened if no one had called for help, but thankfully, kind people exist in the world.

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