Hilarious Boxer Gives Mom The Coldest Shoulder After She Leaves Him In Car

Boxers are famous for both their big and saggy jowls and their big personalities. Countless videos of boxers being their funny selves have gone viral over the years. There are also many boxer social media stars, and Rodney is one of them.

Rodney is a boxer who has become famous for his signature pout.

He’s a charismatic pooch with his pout! Whether or not he actually is sulking, his resting-pout-face is a sight to behold.

How do you even know if you’re on his bad side, or if that’s just what his face looks like due to his frown-like mouth and sullen looking eyes?

Well, the truth is, sometimes it’s not just his face that makes you think he’s having a fat sulk, but his behavior.

Sometimes “Rowdy Rodney” doesn’t just wear his scowl-jowls, he acts as if you’re definitely on his bad side! One such instance is a video which shows just how much of a grumpo he can be, when his mom left him in the car for a few minutes to run into a yard sale.

Don’t worry, folks, his mom has stated that it was a “brisk” 50 degrees in March, so he wasn’t left in a hot car.

Rodney was truly just left for a few minutes in a perfectly comfortable spot.
But all the same, Rodney has a major bone to pick.

Source: Rowdy Rodney Boxer on Facebook

After he refuses to leave the driver’s seat, his mom gets the idea.

He refuses to even look at her, sulking because she didn’t take him with her. Well, I guess nobody likes to be excluded, but I guess boxers can also experience FOMO.

As his mother tries to talk to him, he looks away, throwing some major shade.

Source: Rowdy Rodney Boxer on Facebook

Eventually, he reluctantly concedes and steps over to the passenger seat. But Rodney’s sulk-fest is not over yet. In fact, it’s only just starting. The videographer continues to try get a response from him, but he continues to stare blankly ahead, giving her some serious silent treatment.

I’ve never seen a dog with such a chip on his shoulder!

There’s nothing she can say to get Rodney to drop the attitude.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Even when he looks briefly over, he seems to catch himself and steels himself against his mom’s relentless attempts to get him to look at her.

This goes beyond having just a pouting expression, this is some cold, hard attitude.

Even when she looks Rodney dead in the face, he maintains his stoic refusal.

If he had a hand, best believe he’d be telling her to speak to it.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

She gets excited when it seems that he has broken his silence, but it is short lived.

With a brief flicker of a look back at her it seems as if he has gotten over his sulk, but once again he seems to catch himself and resumes staring into the middle distance out the window.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Rodney is a dog with opinions and he isn’t afraid to share them. We’re so glad his mom has shared her sweet and funny dog with us.

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