Hilarious Rescue Staffordshire Terrier Screams Like A Person When He’s Happy

Mo may look like your typical adorable wide-smiled Staffordshire, but he’s quite different than other dogs.
Chihuahuas have a high-pitched bark, and bigger dogs like German Shepherds and Saint Bernards have scary bellows. But Mo? Well, he screams like a person in pain.

It’s difficult to describe what kind of sound Mo makes when he’s “barking,” but his owner narrowed it down.

It’s either a velociraptor scream, a tyrannosaurus rex roar, or a woman shrieking in fear.
Sometimes, he also makes whistling chirping sounds like an exotic flightless bird.

And even if it can sound annoying to some, Mo still does it for a variety of reasons. It’s the same scream when he’s curious, nervous, or just asking for attention.

His loving mom, Kristin Allen, is still so fond of Mo even if he has a very special way of making his presence known.
But their story didn’t start out with a chirpy episode.

“I was returning to my apartment and I thought I saw the silhouette of a dog from a park across the street by himself.”

Mo walked towards Allen with his tail wagging the whole time.

He approached her not in hostility, but in sheer curious friendliness. Even if this was Mo and Allen’s first time meeting, the dog immediately warmed up to her.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

He rested his chin on Allen’s lap and at that moment, Allen knew that she had to take Mo back with her.

When they got back to Allen’s place, she quickly threw sheets and blankets over her furniture. At that point, Mo wasn’t really the cleanest dog around and his smell can rub into the upholstery.

But this hygiene problem told Allen something else – that Mo clearly had been outside for a very long time and that no one was taking care of him. The malnutrition also supported Allen’s suspicions.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Despite the messy first meeting, Mo quickly made himself at home.
Even if Allen was a stranger that time, Mo cuddled next to her. Allen woke up the next day with Mo sleeping right under her armpit.

It was love at first sight for the both of them, but Allen had to give Mo’s owner a chance to find him.
The next day, Allen took Mo to the shelter. The shelter wanted to know if his owners — if there were any — would come back for this sweet adorable dog.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Allen was hesitant to leave Mo at first. She was convinced that Mo walked into her life for a reason and it felt like she was walking away from that.

She found Mo the day before Father’s Day, which coincidentally, is her father’s birthday as well. Or at least, what could’ve been her father’s birthday that year. She lost him when she was 16 years old.

This made her believe that she and Mo were fated to meet that day.
She visited him every day at the shelter and found that Mo got progressively worse each passing day. He looked depressed and sick, and Allen knew she needed to do something.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

“Listen, if his owners aren’t here by tomorrow, I am coming back for him and he’s coming home with me.”

Tail wagging and feet tapping, Mo was finally reunited with Allen. Since then, they’ve been through adventure after adventure.

It was during this time when Allen heard Mo’s velociraptor scream the first time. Mo saw a dog, and possibly because of excitement, he tried to “bark.”

Allen and the people around her looked at each other with a “What was that?” plastered on their faces.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Despite this strange way of communicating, Allen was patient with Mo’s training while also giving him space where he could express his individuality.

His “scream” might mean a lot of things, but the affection he showed Allen will always be true.

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