Homeowner Cuts His Hedge Into A Giant Cat That Draws Attention From Passing Dogs

There are dog people, and there are cat people. Of course, there are those who love both animals with enthusiasm, but anyone who knows a cat person knows just how much their love can go.

There’s a reason that there’s a stereotype of “crazy old cat” people. There’s little a loving cat owner won’t do for their pet, and their love shows in other ways too.

For one cat lover, they decided to showcase their love for felines in an interesting way. Outside their home in North Shields, North Tyneside, they crafted a six-foot-long topiary cat.

The giant foliage cat catches the attention of passersby, and people get excited when they walk past and realize what they’re looking at. However, it’s not just people who get excited by the large cat hedge. As it turns out, dogs also love it!

A local news site, The Northern Echo, shared a photo of the creative hedge on Facebook, saying, “We cannot tell how this dog is feline about a giant topiary cat, sitting on the wall outside a house in North Shields, but at The Echo we think it is just purrfect!”

According to DailyMail, the owner wished to remain anonymous while their hedge went viral, but they reportedly work regularly to ensure the hedge maintains its “purrfect” shape.

According to recent data, there are around equal numbers of pet cats and pet dogs being kept in the UK, with slightly more cats.


While there may be similar numbers of cats and dogs being kept, there’s yet to be a giant dog piece crafted of foliage. Perhaps this cat hedge will inspire similar pieces that represent more variety of pets.

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