Horse Is Excited To See His Brand New Toy

Everyone loves getting a gift. There’s always something special about opening a present and realizing how well your loved ones know you. It’s a wonderful moment, and this moment isn’t just limited to humans.

Snipes is a very playful animal and loves having fun with all of his toys.

Every day, he spends his time kicking and knocking balls and various items across the grass of his enclosure, having the time of his life. Snipes loves playing with all sorts of toys and has never discriminated against a toy.

Despite this passion, however, the horse definitely has a favorite item: a worn-out, red, rope toy that he had always called his own.

One day, Snipes decided he would play with his red rope toy— but when he approached the gate near the stable, his favorite toy was gone! Instead, there was something in its place.

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Draped over one of the gate’s beams lay an adorable, plush, yellow ducky. It seems that Snipe’s favorite toy had gotten a bit too worn out, and his owner had decided to replace it.

As Snipes initially lays eyes on the strange object, he is definitely a bit confused.

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Slowly though, things start to click in. Snipes grabs the bright, stuffed ducky and throws it on the floor, hoping to get a better look. He walks circles around the animal and takes a few little sniffs before deciding to give it a go.

After Snipe’s initial inspection, the playful horsey picks up his new toy and throws it in the air with enthusiasm!

Snipe’s confused demeanor has turned to joy, and I swear you can feel how happy he is through the screen.

As Snipes plays with the ducky, he gets more and more excited, tossing the stuffed toy in the air and running around with youthful enthusiasm!

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Although Snipes’ owner wasn’t sure what Snipes would think of the gift— I think the horse’s reaction says it all.

According to Equine Wellness Magazine, Snipes’ reaction isn’t too uncommon. Horses are born with an innate love of play— something Snipes exhibited quite nicely! Even though play can seem like just a mere hobby, the magazine says it’s actually important too.

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In fact, improved herd behavior, better digestion, and better training are all characteristics that have been associated with these kinds of activities.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Since being uploaded, this adorable video has garnered over 100,000 views. Commenters love Snipes’ adorable reaction and can’t get enough of his unimpeded joy. A few comments on the adorable clip read:

“Ha, good stuff! Made my morning!”

“I absolutely love how excited he gets!”


Snipes loves his present. Although we’re sure he’ll miss his rope, it’s clear the duck is a wonderful replacement and watching him play with it is heartwarming.

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