Huge Pit Bull Terrier Shows How Patient He Is While Babysitting Tiny Puppy

I’m pretty sure that the pitbull babysitter in this video is this puppy’s favorite!
“Gentle giant”is the perfect way to describe the Pitbull in this video. He allows the puppy to play rather roughly with him. The puppy jumps up and down on him and then escalates to chewing on his leg and nipping at his ears and cheeks.

We have all heard the stories about how vicious pitbulls are, right? This ferocious Pitbull literally just lies there while the little puppy uses him as a chew toy and a trampoline.

Historically, pit bulls were considered to be friendly, loyal, patient, and gentle. Because of these traits, many families considered them to be perfect nanny dogs. Dogs that were just perfect for families with children; even small and rambunctious children.

Watching the way the little puppy in this video plays fearlessly with her pit bull babysitter shows us just how these bigger dogs received the nicknames of “nanny dogs”.

How many babysitters do you know that would react with the same patience as this sweet fur baby does? This little puppy is pretty spoiled and seems to get away with anything she wants to do.

Watching dogs play and interact with each other can bring pet lovers so much joy. Besides being amusing, did you know that there are other benefits to owning multiple dogs?

Dogs are happiest when they’re socializing. This means that having multiple dogs in your home brings them pleasure simply because they have companionship. Most dogs, like many humans, don’t like to be alone.

Providing a furry friend for your dog will help to ease their separation anxiety when you have to leave them home alone. This will make your trips to work, the grocery store, or even the gym more relaxing for you, knowing that your dog isn’t home all alone.

They receive more exercise.
If you’re a pet owner, let’s face it, there are times you just don’t feel like going for another walk or trip to the park with your dog. Perhaps you’re feeling under the weather, or it’s cold or raining out; you just want to stay in and relax. That is another benefit of having multiple dogs.

While you are relaxing, the dogs can be wrestling and chasing each other around the house, wearing each other out. Although most dogs would love to go for more walks every day, they are able to burn off quite a bit of their energy just playing together. As you can see in this video, this little puppy seems pretty tuckered out after playing with her babysitter for a while.

Big dog doesn’t mean big aggression.
Just because a dog is large doesn’t mean it will be aggressive. Very often, the little dogs are more aggressive. Just like the little puppy in this video demonstrates as she plays with her pit bull babysitter.

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