Husky Becomes Very Vocal After Being Accused Of Pooping On The Carpet

What is one of the primary reasons that owners take their dogs out on walks? Aside from getting the dog to exercise and burning a few calories themselves, humans usually take their pets out so they can also relieve themselves. Right? I think that sounds about right. But this doesn’t go to say that there aren’t some pups that have accidents now and then.

The story shared in this post is a little accident that happened with Zeus, the Husky.

Zeus has quite visibly made a mess on the floor after he ended up pooping inside the house. He does try his best to cover up the err, but I’m sure he knew that his human was going to find out at one point or another. And the owner, of course, did.

Once mom starts to scold him for his bad behavior, Zeus begins to cry and whine—this can also be because he got caught and is in denial, trying to convince his mom that he isn’t the culprit! After scolding him, his mom then asks, “Did you poop on the floor today?” The answer to this question is a whole lot of whining and stubborn behavior, all to convince his owner that he didn’t do it!

The whole ordeal gets even more comical though when mom asks, “Did you poop because you were mad or because it was truly an accident?” So, it seems as if Zeus pooping in the house is a regular occurrence and something he’s almost always guilty of! But that’s not all! Watch what happens when mom calls him a “bad dog.” Hilarious!

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