Husky Puppy Has Hilarious Argument With His Mom About Taking A Bath

Dogs are quite playful, and it’s nearly impossible for them not to get dirty.Sometimes, they end up smelling so bad that the only way to get the smell off is to wash it away with water and a fragrant shampoo.Although, some dogs hate baths so much that they would do anything to prevent their owner from giving them one.

It’s not rare to see dogs hating baths. Most dog owners have problems getting their dogs to love them and it takes some time to get them used to bathing.However, some dogs are impossible to bathe, and they persistently get away from you the moment you give him a sign.There may be some times that dogs get too stubborn, and it could get much worse if you constantly force them to engage in something that they do not like.

It may be bathing, going to the vet clinic, or even convincing them to eat their food.Forcing them would just make them more aggressive toward you, and this isn’t a solution that anyone likes.First, it’s important to see and understand what their reaction to some things are.If your dog shows clear fear or anxiety while bathing, for example, then you as an owner should work around that.

You could perhaps bring their favorite stuffed toy with them in the bathroom, and leave the bathroom door open to let them feel they are not cornered.

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Just look at this adorable husky pup who talked back to his owner who wanted to bathe him.

Siberian huskies are one of the most intelligent dogs, and dogs are known to understand human gestures and emotions.
In someone’s home, two Siberian husky pups were sitting on one of their owner’s laps, and at the same time, their other owner was trying to invite them to take a bath.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

One husky pup faced toward the woman and just started barking and whimpering as if he opposed the idea of bathing.

Meanwhile, the other pup was just silently chilling on his mom’s lap.

The intense argument of the bath or no bath between dog and owner.

“You smell better and you look better if you take a bath,” their owner said.
In response, the husky showed stubbornness by barking back at her.

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Whatever his owner would tell him, the pup would immediately growl and bark at her. The pup was even showing clear gestures that he did not want to go take a bath.

A short while after, the owner asked if he wanted to stay. The dog responded with a nod and a bark, strongly saying, “yes.”

The video clip was uploaded online, and it got more than two million views on YouTube.
The internet loved their interaction so much that they could not help but share their own experiences with their dogs and leave wholesome comments on how the video made them happy.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

“My baby always knew what ‘bath’ meant. She would go hid under the kitchen table and I would have to pull the chairs out, to get her. Miss you Shug,” one commenter wrote.

Some commenters also left funny comments to make the whole story livelier.

“That Husky made some very valid arguments there, I m gonna side with him this time,” one commenter wrote.

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