Husky “Steals” German Shepherd’s Birthday Bone, Gets Caught & Throws A Tantrum

When Kaden the German Shepherd got a nice bone as a present for his 5th birthday, his Husky brother was deeply upset. Zeus has always been a bossy and stubborn Husky, and he felt infinitely “wronged” when he saw Kaden playing happily with his birthday gift.But 10-year-old Zeus is a sneaky boy who plans to “get even” on his own. The moment Mom leaves the 2 dogs alone, Zeus corners Kaden and demands to let him have the bone.

As poor Kaden is a peace-loving and mild-mannered dog, he has no idea how to deal with Zeus grabbing his new bone.As expected, Kaden doesn’t put up a fight and simply tries to hold on to his bone for as long as possible. Mom smells something fishy, and walks into the room to find Zeus and Kaden locked in a sticky spot as neither wants to let go of the bone.

Source: ZeusTheStubbornHusky/Rumble

Kaden soon concedes to Zeus and gives up his bone. Mom feels sorry for Kaden and immediately confronts Zeus. She manages to get the bone from him and returns it to Kaden. This causes Zeus to snap completely, and he starts berating Mom for not buying him a present.

Source: ZeusTheStubbornHusky/Rumble

Needless to say, Mom spends the rest of the day bearing with her jealous Husky’s cutest “mean temper” as he whines and howls profusely trying to make Mom own up to her “mistake”!

Source: ZeusTheStubbornHusky/Rumble

Zeus might be a tad bit oversensitive, but he loves Kaden unconditionally. This is why Kaden never actually picks up a fight with his big brother and lets him have his way. What an entertaining pair!


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