Injured Puppy Covered In Blue Paint Found On The Side Of The Road

Travel influencers Wes and Enes were visiting a town in Turkey when they discovered something heartbreaking. On the side of the road, they saw a tiny puppy covered in a mix of blue paint and blood.

Being animal lovers, they weren’t about to leave the puppy there to die, so they went to investigate.

They found that the small puppy was friendly enough and they knew they needed to take him back to their hotel and get him medical treatment for the best outcome possible.

They pulled out a towel and wrapped the little puppy up. He whimpered a little from pain, but mostly, he seemed calm and happy to be going home with the kind couple.

They shared about the rescue in their Instagram stories and created a highlight on their page about the little puppy.

They decided to name the little puppy Blue and took him back to their hotel room to give him a bath. Thankfully, they had a veterinarian friend to call to get advice on how to treat the puppy.

After giving him a bath and washing the blue dye and blood off his fur, they realized his leg was bleeding and he had a pretty bad injury. They shaved the area around the injury and applied some ointment, as advised by their friend.


Blue initially seemed to be doing ok, but his condition got worse throughout the night. He wouldn’t eat, he was running a fever, and his breathing wasn’t strong. Around 1:00 AM, Wes and Enes realized they needed to take Blue to an emergency vet or he may not make it through the night.

Thankfully, they found one open and got the pup the care that he needed. The emergency vets confirmed that the little dog wouldn’t have survived the night on his own, as he was likely suffering from a serious infection.


After getting a lot of treatment, rest, and love, little Blue began to heal and recover. He became more playful and lively, and it became clear that he would soon be ready for his forever home.

Because Wes and Enes regularly move around, they knew it wouldn’t be possible or fair to Blue to keep him in their care. They shared with The Dodo that they began the search for his forever home, and it didn’t take long before they found a friend in Denver who was willing to open their home to Blue.


The family already had a golden retriever, a big fenced yard, and plenty of love in their hearts for one more dog – so it seemed like a natural fit.

Naturally, Wes and Enes were sad to see Blue go, but they knew it was for the best. They shared a post on Instagram and said:

“We will always love you, little Blue.

We promise to only do what’s best for you, to always be loving, caring, forgiving and gentle.

We promise to give you the best life possible, even if it breaks our hearts knowing that your home won’t be with us.”


While they miss him already, Blue seems to be so happy living life at his new home in Denver with his new owners, Tori Biren and Austin Ullrich. His new golden retriever brother quickly accepted him into the family and the two love spending time together.

It’s amazing what can happen thanks to a small act of kindness, like picking a puppy up from the side of the road.

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