Injured Sea Lion Jumps Onto Boat And Begs For Help

When Hugo Zusho embarked on a boat ride off of the California coast, he had no idea that the ride would end in a rescue mission of an injured sea lion pup.A rescue that was caught on video.This poor sea lion pup is seen swimming toward the boat which was near Laguna Beach in Orange County.She seems to be swimming slower and struggling to do so, popping his head above water every so often.

But this pup, who was eventually named Amber, is determined to make it and survive.
She knows the boat is her chance at salvation and she somehow sensed that the people on that boat could help her.
Finally, she makes it up to the boat and surprisingly tries to jump onboard.

Poor Amber struggles to climb the steps to get on the board.
She makes several attempts and keeps slipping back into the water. She doesn’t look like she’s going to make it.

“Amber swam directly for our boat and came aboard without hesitation,” Zusho told NewsFlare. “If she bites, there is a chance of bacteria (or) disease but she was as friendly as a stray dog. She was desperate.”


Source: Newsflare – YouTube

But Zusho wasn’t concerned about getting bitten and could sense that Amber really needed help.

So, he and his friends lifted the steps up at an angle so that Amber could easily climb up.
And she did. By the time she got on board that poor pup look completely exhausted but also relieved.

It was believed that Amber had been attacked by something in the water and looked like she was starving.
Zusho and his buddies rushed Amber to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach where she got the help that she needed.

“We see a lot of malnutrition and dehydration, a lot of entanglements and boat wounds,” Pacific Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Krysta Higuchi told the LA Times. “We sometimes see gunshot wounds or parasites and other illnesses. In adults, we might even see cancer.”


Source: Newsflare – YouTube

Thankfully, sea lions have “an incredible ability to heal.” Pacific Marine Mammal Center has been rescuing and rehabilitating all kinds of sea creatures for 50 years.

They specialize in seals and sea lions but have helped more than 10,000 animals since they started at the Friends of the Sea Lion in 1971.
According to the LA Times, they currently have 32 resident sea lions and one elephant seal in their care.


Source: Newsflare – YouTube

Pacific Marine Mammal Center is responsible for saving the lives of many marine animals.

“You know you are truly blessed when a wild animal will trust you with its life,” wrote on YouTube commenter.

“Animals instinctively know humans are intelligent and some are willing to help so when in dire need animals set aside fear and seek help. It’s been well documented throughout history and still continues,” another wrote.

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