Janie, The Rescued Kitten, Looks Like A Mini Raccoon

Janie is a cute little kitten who has risen to internet stardom. She became an internet icon due to her unique color of fur. Her fur is silver-grey in color that makes the cat look more like a raccoon. All this happened in Ontario, Canada.

Image Source: Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue) Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue had saved her in the nick of time.

Melissa runs the shelter herself and says that Janie was found “all alone on the sidewalk”, screaming for her life. The kitten had suffered “some pretty bad” sunburns on her back paws. The rescue happened on the streets of Ontario, Canada as reported by Paws Planet.

The kitten was kept in an incubator for 2 weeks. June had adopted Janie as her offspring. This makes June Janie’s adoptive mother cat. The animal shelter had also rescued June while she was pregnant. Under the care of the animal shelter, Janie is now a healthy cat.

The cat’s weight was 82 grams at the time of being found. This was surprisingly lightweight for a kitten! Even so, the kitten rose against all odds and went on to enjoy life. Janie was only 24 hours old at the time of rescue, according to Earth Wonders.

The condition of the cat which gives it its color is an interesting one. ‘Fever Coat’ is the name of this phenomenon. This happens to the kitten when the mother gives birth while she is pregnant. There is nothing alarming about the condition as the coloring might disappear as the kitten grows up



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