Jogger Flies Into ‘Superhero Mode’ To Save Baby Deer Stuck In Metal Fence

Animals can get themselves into all sorts of predicaments, and some of them can seem a little… well, funny.

Still, it’s no fun for you if you’re a dog with its head stick in an empty chips packet or a cat doing the splits across various items of household furniture.

It’s a bit ironic, really – us humans are usually the ones to rescue trapped animals, yet it’s usually down to our own inventions that they’re trapped in the first place.

Take this baby deer, for instance, who managed to get himself stuck between the metal bars of a fence.
You have to sympathize with him – if some human hadn’t decided it was a good idea to block off his running path with fences he couldn’t quite fit through, he’d be a much happier guy.

Still, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for this unlucky fellow, because he was about to get saved by a superhero disguised as a jogger.

You probably haven’t tried to bend the metal bars of a fence before – but you just know it’d be near-impossible.
Still, when Chloe Dorsey noticed the trapped deer while out for a jog near Atlanta, she knew she had to help.

In a now-viral video recorded on Chloe’s phone, the fawn can be seen wriggling and kicking, while his backside is firmly wedged between two fence bars.

Chloe shouts for the deer to “stop” – then with Hulk-like strength, pries the bars apart with her bare hands.
We’ve heard of moms lifting cars to save a trapped child, and this phenomenon has a name: hysterical strength.

Essentially, when we’re faced with a dangerous situation, we may be able to display extraordinary strength as a result of the body’s stress response. Adrenaline is released, and BOOM! Superhero strength.

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