Kitten Found in Backyard Has the Sweetest Face and Fighting Spirit

A kitten was found alone in a backyard. She was born with a cleft nose and an amazing will to live Ashley Kelley, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues (in Los Angeles), came across a Facebook post last Saturday night about a tiny kitten in need of rescue. The resident who discovered the kitten heard her cries and followed the sound to the backyard.

“The nice lady put her in a warm place, and kept an eye out for the mama, but no mama ever showed up.”

Ashley had no idea anything was different about this tiny feline and neither did the resident who found her. When she got home, she made a bottle and prepared to feed and evaluate the little one — the kitten had a cleft nose.

She has a teeny tiny hole in her palate along with the cleft nose, so it’s not safe to bottle feed her. She needs to be tube-fed After getting a full belly, the kitten settled down in her cozy, warm bed and went right to sleep.
They decided to call her Aela to exemplify her warrior spirit.

Aela may be tiny, but she has a set of strong lungs and is never shy of voicing her opinions.

Once she’s fed, she’s content and ready for some burrito cuddles with her foster mom.

In just a few days, the tiny panther kitty has made it into the 100-gram club.

Little Aela is making strides every day, showing everyone that she’s a warrior to be reckoned with and that she is worthy of life and love.

She seems so grateful to be alive, and strongly determined to survive.

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