Kitten Near De ath Is Raised By Husky — Today She’s One Of The Adventurous Pack

Rosie the five-year-old cat was adopted by the Bui sisters in the Bay Area, California when she was just two-weeks-old and was raised along with their three huskies, whom she got her dog-likeness from.

Lilo, a charming pooch, hails from the Bay Area, California, and is a great fanatic of adventures that she partakes with her caregivers and other hairy family members.

Taking a look at the Lilo Team, one animal looks a bit different from the rest of the crew. They aren’t necessarily different. As it turns out, despite their differences in appearance, the team is close-knit and untouchable buddies. Who among them is different? Rosie is the cat that found a comforting place within the dog crew as friends.

At first, you might not grasp the idea of a cat being part of a group of huskies, but Rosie will prove you wrong. The crew spends time together literally all the time engaging in energetic outdoor activities and adventures to mountains, and the lakes.

Rosie’s story goes a long way back when she was a delicate, young, and small kitten in the streets. She was taken from the streets at a tender two weeks old. The Bui sisters saw something unique in young Rosie despite being quite unhealthy when they picked her up. Rosie couldn’t eat, and as time passed, she became weaker. The sisters didn’t think Rosie would make it.

Just then, an idea sparked and they decided to try something different to save Rosie’s life. They brought in Lilo to cuddle with fragile Rosie. In an Instagram post, the Bui sisters wrote: “By some miracle, she started suckling on Lilo and Lilo went full “mom mode”. Even stimulating it to go to the bathroom..? (This was very shocking to me). Since then, Rosie’s been getting much better, and her eyes opened!”

The following night after making progress with Rosie, the picture was just adorable featuring Lilo and her newest buddy Rosie. Rosie slowly warmed up to her new life with her buddies, the huskies. After getting her health back, the huskies’ owners decided to tag along with Rosie for an adventure to the park. Alongside her best friend, Lilo, Rosie was in for the idea and pretty excited.

That first adventure together outdoors was going to be the start of something new and exciting for Rosie and her family. Rosie began tagging along to all the outdoor events and quickly became attached to the idea. She became the real wilderness master.

It’s never a dull moment in Rosie’s family and household. They take quality time together to go hiking, walking, canoeing, and swimming, among other eventful activities. For a moment, you would think that Rosie is a husky, too!

This is a truly unique relationship that should be forced on huskies. The Dodo reported: “Huskies are notorious for their intense prey drive! So please don’t run out and get a kitten (or a husky) expecting them to be best friends.”

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