Little Boy Bursts Into Tears When He Meets His New Puppy

As kids, we’ve always dreamed of having that puppy best friend that will grow up with.
But for a variety of reasons, we just can’t. Maybe we have dog allergies, maybe the apartment isn’t allowing pets, or maybe we just can’t afford to adopt and raise one.

A kid from South America experienced just that. In a video posted by Upworthy on Instagram, it stated that he wanted to have a puppy all his life, but unfortunately, his parents can’t afford one.

We all know what this boy felt at that time where he could only watch his friends play and train their puppies.
Every adorable dog video gives that slight pang on their chests knowing that it’s the closest experience they’ll have on having a puppy.

With all the animal mistreatment news rolling around, we can’t help but feel bad about these willing owners. As much as they want to shower their pets with love, the realities of getting one can catch up pretty quickly.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Social Media

But all of that is about to change.

Ryan, a budding kid artist as shown in his Instagram account, was sitting on the couch and playing his favorite video game.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Social Media

Suddenly, his mom marched into the room carrying something in her arms. This “something” has a shiny cream coat with white-tipped paws.

The moment Ryan laid eyes on it, he screamed and just lost it.
If you’ve been dreaming of owning a pet and were repeatedly told you can’t afford it, you’d feel exactly what Ryan felt at that moment. Finally, his dream of having a pet best friend is right in front of him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Social Media

He sank to the floor and bawled his eyes out.
He even forgot the video game he was playing just a little while back. Nothing else matters at this point – only his puppy.

As he cried his eyes out, the curious little puppy was quick to introduce himself. He climbed up on Ryan’s knees and tried to get in as many kisses as possible. You just know at this point that their lives will be changed forever.

This episode is just one of many heartwarming surprises around the world.
Logan, who lost a father to cancer, got a final surprise from his dad in a form of a puppy. When his dad Joe knew that he was losing the fight against the disease, he arranged the surprise even if he won’t be around to see it.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

Meanwhile, Brayden wasn’t expecting a puppy for Christmas, but when he did he was turned into a puddle of tears. He even had to lean against a chair to collect himself.

Ryan isn’t alone when it comes to breaking down in front of surprise puppies. As seen with other kiddie dog lovers around the world, the feeling is universal.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Jeremy Gray

It’s not only a heartwarming sight to see, but also a hopeful promise that these kids will grow up with a sense of responsibility towards other living things.
If you’re wondering what happened to Ryan and his puppy after this emotional first meeting, you’ll be glad to know that they’re both healthy and happy together.

It just goes to show that when Ryan wanted a best friend, he meant every bit of it.

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