Little Girl Runs Into Field To Play With 14 Adorable German Shepherds

A five-year-old girl named Pernille, hailing all the way from Norway, has the best-est playmates ever!
Would you imagine having 14 German Shepherds playing with her in the fields? Kid you not, this little girl is the luckiest and safest five-year-old kid ever!

All of the dogs gathered around her and want to play tag with her. Pernille’s very delighted to be surrounded with playful, loyal, and caring doggos. Wherever she goes, they come along.

One German Shepherd even thought of playing fetch with the happy little girl
As Pernille is frolicking in the field and playing with the grass field, one German Shepherd even jumped in the air trying to catch the little girl’s attention. How cute is that?

That gave Pernille a nice idea of how she can play with her furry friends, and that is to play fetch in the grass field! Since she has no bone or toy with her, she made use of the grass instead! The dogs seemed so happy to play with her in the fields.

The same goes with Pernille as she screamed with joy while playing with these fourteen dogs.

But you may ask, “Are German Shepherds kid-friendly?”

That is the question. Yes, German Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, courageous, and versatile dogs. But, one thing you also consider before adopting one is if it is safe especially if you have kids around. And yes, German Shepherds are kid-friendly dogs. In fact, they enjoy playing and hanging around with children! They get to be protective of them, too!

Just like how these 14 German Shepherd dogs get really excited when it’s playtime with Pernille!
Indeed, a dog is a man’s best friend. Lucky for Pernille, she has 14 of them! What a dream!

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