Little Shelter Puppy Is Protective Of His Sister Then Shelter Sees She Has Special Needs

Star and Denver are an adorable pair of puppy siblings who love playing together. But it turns out, there’s more to their bond than meets the eye.

We’ve all heard of guide dogs for blind people, but dogs go blind and need a helping hand, too. A sweet pup named Star got lucky because she was born into a litter with a fabulous brother who can’t “see” having a life without her!

No matter where Star goes, Denver is right there by her side. It’s a match made in heaven, but it wasn’t always like that.

You see, the two doggos grabbed the short end of the stick early on in life, and at one point “the rest of their lives” almost didn’t happen. That’s because they were born into an unwanted litter and abandoned right along with their mama in a rural part of Louisiana!

Thankfully, mama and her 8 puppies were found by a loving family, and they were so taken with mom they decided to keep her. But, they didn’t just abandon the puppies to the woods all over again – they asked a rescue center to find a home for all the fur babies after they finished nursing.

Unfortunately, the rescue center was already overwhelmed with a ton of other pups, so the rescue contacted the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) in San Diego for help!

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HWAC jumped into action, and transported Star and Denver, along with 31 other little puppies, all the way across the country to their facility on the West Coast.

It was there that these two siblings hoped for a second chance at life.

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No one realized that Star had special needs until she arrived at the center. While Star’s other litter mates frolicked and play like normal rambunctious doggos, the sweet three-month-old terrier was trying to use all of her other senses to make sense of the confusing world around her.

But lucky for her, Denver was always there to keep an eye on her. The two are practically inseparable, and whenever they were apart, “Denver would come running back to love on Star and let her know he was there.”

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Star may have been given the “special needs” label, but don’t tell that to her brother.

He didn’t think she’s anything less than amazing just because she’s deaf and nearly blind!
Jackie Kelleher, social media manager at HWAC, explained to The Dodo how their daily interactions with each other were super special:

“When Star seems lost, Denver will run over to her and check in with her. They like to play with each other, play tumble, play with rope toys and chew on stuffed toys.”

Denver makes sure that his sister knows that he’s never very far away.
Whenever she needs help, or just wants to play, he’s always there for her, just like the good brother that he is.

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“He does this by nudging her. Star can also smell him and if she is lost, she will move around the room until she runs into him.”

“When she moves to a new location, she moves very slowly putting one paw out cautiously in front of the other and she ‘maps’ out the area around her. Denver will always be vigilant of her needs even while they are around humans.”

Source: YouTube

When it was time to start looking for the pups’ forever home, HWAC insisted they be adopted together.
Luckily, it didn’t take long for the shelter to find the right forever home for the dogs. The pair’s new mom and dad started a Facebook page for the dogs’ many fans. They provide frequent updates on the pups, and it’s amazing to see how big they’ve gotten.

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